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This website was set up to exhibit my portrait art of big beautiful women. Following some online discussions about the problems of obtaining good plus sized clothing, I set up a links page to help out (in 2002).

This proved very popular, and good promotion for my art. Therefore, I expanded this clothes directory into the biggest and best international links listing for large ladies' apparel. Subsequently, I joined affiliate schemes for numerous clothing merchants. This helps to pay the website bills and to make it worthwhile for me to put in more time to maintain and improve the listings.

Since then, times have changed. Online shoppers are more experienced, more shops offer larger clothing, and my directory has served its purpose. From 2017, I've been reducing its size and scope to a more modest listing.

The website is owned and run solely by myself, Ian Strange, from my home in the U.K. I hope that you have found the directory useful, and you are very welcome to visit the art gallery or read some of my articles.

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Website started 4th March 2001