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up to size 24+

List of online shops plus live ebay listings.

* denotes suppliers with clothing up to size 28+.
** denotes suppliers with clothing up to size 34+.

* "A Bride's Blessing" - wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses up to size 30.

* "Alexia Designs" up to size 30 (available off-line in shops across Australia as listed on their website).

* "Alfred Angelo" (bridal) up to size 28 (USA/Canada/UK/Australia).

* "Henry Roth" up to size 30.

Milanoo-Designer Wedding Gowns Bargain Price Plus Free Shipping with Code: MILANOO-FS - Wholesale supply of gowns up to US size 28 (China - exports worldwide).

ebay listings:


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