Portrait Fees and Procedure

If you are a lady with curves and softness, then why not commission a portrait of yourself by an artist who specialises in bringing out the full beauty of plus sized ladies? All portraits are done in coloured pencils which lend themselves well to the soft textures of the subjects, and also help to keep down the fees. Even so, these are highly detailed fine-art portraits.

Perhaps you are a gentleman with a large and lovely lady in your life and would like an image of her to treasure?

Maybe you are an admirer of BBWs who would like a life-like drawing of your dream lady?


Prices shown below are inclusive of insured shipping worldwide.

There are 2 main options available, although alternative types of portrait may be possible:

1) Full length (head-to-toe) portrait approx. 9 inches/230mm tall. Fees start from $135 U.S. (approx. 100).

2) Half length portrait (from the waist upwards), approx. 7 inches/180mm tall. Fees start from $95 U.S. (approx. 70).

Prices will be higher than the basic fees shown above if you wish to have a lot of fine detail such as jewelry included (or a detailed background).

Larger portraits are also possible at a greater cost. The larger the drawing, the finer the textures will be (especially skin).

Please note: A deposit for a third of the total price agreed is required before work on the portrait commences. The balance is payable after completion (but before shipping) and after you are satisfied with the drawing. Once work has started on a portrait, the deposit cannot be refunded.

The time taken for a portrait to be completed will vary depending upon my workload. 3 weeks (from ordering to receiving the finished drawing) is the very quickest turn-round possible, but it may take a longer.


1) Payments can be taken using PayPal who can accept a variety of credit/debit cards from a great many countries.

2) Cheques from U.K. banks.


After discussing your requirements by email (and paying the deposit) you will need to supply some photos for me to work from. Ideally a nice clear face shot, plus a full or half length view (as appropriate) to get a general idea of the lady's figure. The more photos available, the easier it will be to bring out the very best in the lady's beauty and character. I can let you see the drawing develop at various stages so that it can be fine-tuned to your preferences. Once you are happy with it, the balance of the fee can be paid and the finished work of art shipped to you.


You will receive the original colour-pencil drawing and a print out of it by post. You will also get either a CD-ROM containing high-resolution JPEG images of it, or else I can email these to you if you have a fast internet connection to handle large files. With your permission, your portrait will be added to my on-line gallery.


1) I don't do nude portraits.

2) The above fees only apply to portraits of large ladies. I sometimes do artwork of other subjects, but higher fees will apply to these.

If you would like to discuss commissioning a portrait (no obligation until a deposit has been paid), then please email me (Ian Strange).

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