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Ianardo's Frequently
Asked Questions

What is this gallery about?

What do terms such as BBW, FA, etc. mean?

What is it about larger ladies that appeals to BBW admirers?

Aren't these large ladies portrayed in the gallery unhealthy/unfit because of their size?

How long does it take to draw a portrait?

How did Ianardo get started in art, and in particular, portraits of BBWs?

How and when did Ianardo become an admirer of BBWs?

What sort of feedback does this unusual art receive?

What is this gallery about?

The primary purpose of this gallery is to promote my artwork commercially and generate new commissioned portraits for customers.

The secondary purpose of this gallery is to join in with the "size-acceptance" movement, and promote the concept of plus size beauty. Many decades of mass-media brain-washing, means that the popular perception of beauty has been seriously distorted from the variety that nature has given us. Vast numbers of men hide their preference, fearing ridicule and prejudice. By far the greatest problem for (most) ladies living a large life is the behaviour of other people around them. If the general public view of beauty can be changed (or broadened), then that is the first step towards making the large ladies' lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

What do terms such as BBW, FA, etc. mean?

BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman. A convenient term to refer to larger ladies when discussing size-acceptance issues.

SSBBW stands for Super-Sized BBW. Very large ladies have additional problems/issues to deal with, when compared to smaller plus sized women, so this term can also be useful.

FA stands for Fat Admirer, the men who prefer the physical appearance of large ladies. It's not a fetish. It's just a preference!

FFA stands for Female Fat admirer, the ladies who prefer a large sized partner.

Chubby Chaser means a homosexual man who prefers large men. It is often wrongly used to refer to FAs, which causes some confusion.

Size Acceptance (SA) refers to the pressure movement to try and improve the lives of large ladies. As the name implies, it is about equality for all sizes/builds of people. It includes men too, but plus sized women - even just the slightly plump - tend to face more problems due to society's treatment of them.

What is it about larger ladies that appeals to BBW admirers?

A single word, "femininity", sums up the answer. A fuller figure tends to emphasise feminine curves for one's entire figure. And softness is also a female attribute. But all builds, physiques, and shapes have their admirers, and all have their pros and cons. Make the most of what you have!

Aren't these large ladies portrayed in the gallery unhealthy/unfit because of their size?

It is possible to be unhealthy from being too thin, yet many very thin people are healthy the way they are. Indeed, this artist should have died of malnutrition years ago if one believes some of the medical weight-charts! So, it should be no surprise to learn that many large (or even the very large) are involved with sports, keep-fit and working out at the gym.

Some of us are genetically predisposed to gain weight easily, or to remain forever thin. Some have larger frames to start with. A size that is healthy for one person, can be unhealthy for another. And it might be unhealthy to fight against nature, rather than simply look after your health and fitness firstly (and think "weight", secondly).

So, never assume anything by a person's physique.

How long does it take to draw a portrait?

The majority of full length (head to toe) portraits take from 10 to 15 hours each, or 15 to 20 with a background. These portraits are approximately 8 to 9 inches tall. Slightly larger sizes of drawing may take 30 to 40 hours each. The portraits in Hall 2 of the gallery are much quicker to do - about 2 to 6 hours each - these being quick sketches to display only online. I don't usually exceed 5 hours per day for drawing to avoid eye-strain, plus time needed for running the business and promoting it.

How did Ianardo get started in art, and in particular, portraits of BBWs?

My interest in art was inherited from my Mum. I started drawing as soon as I was old enough to hold a wax-crayon, drawing some of the usual things such as people, houses, cars, etc. I developed some unusual specialities in early school years. For example drawing human skeletons (!) and maps of the world in great detail.

In later school years, I did have some art lessons, but never intended to take it up as a career. I never took a liking to painting and stayed firmly with pencil drawings mostly in black and white. When finding myself out of work a few years later, I happened to have been doing a series of drawings of classic cars. The boom in the classic car market was gathering pace, so I cashed in on this by becoming a freelance artist specialising in doing portraits and limited edition prints of old cars. I decided to switch to working in coloured pencils giving the drawings a greater appeal to my potential customers. After the classic car market crashed in 1990, I tried doing portraits of pet cats and dogs for a while. However, the over-riding problem with all of my freelance work was that most people who wanted a drawing specially done, had no conception of the number of hours involved, nor the going rates for portait art. Cars generally take 40 to 50 hours each to draw. I very occasionally did railway drawings which could take up to 400 hours to draw! So, in 1991, I ceased working as an artist.

I had dabbled occasionally in female portraiture, including BBW sketches since my earliest school years, progressively drawing more frequently as time passed. The basic problem was that I had virtually no access to photos to work from and hence no opportunity to teach myself to draw the larger female form. After all, how often do you see BBWs pictured in newpapers and general magazines? Then in year 2000, I finally went online and discovered the amazing world of size acceptance. Since then, I've seen more BBW photos than I could ever make use of for drawing!

All of this happened shortly after resigning from my job, so becoming a freelance artist was an option again. It is far quicker to draw a lady compared to anything as solid and detailed as a classic car, and the potential market is a vast one. So I set up the gallery in March 2001 and the publicity has taken on a life of its own!

How and when did Ianardo become an admirer of BBWs?

When I was 5, I attended an auntie's wedding and there was a beautiful, bridesmaid (slim!) in a full length bright red gown. That's when I discovered both female beauty and a love of fashion, that has endured. Then a beautiful tall girl, called Ann, joined my class (still aged 5 or 6) who stimulated my artistic admiration of beauty, but including character (inner beauty). She was slim too. At that time build did not matter.

Only in later school years did I veer towards a preference for cuddly, which has stayed with me ever since. But just to be clear: I have more depth to admiraton than just a lady's build! I love to read character from faces, admire style, and get to know the person.

What sort of feedback does this unusual art receive?

I have received hundreds of e-mails from plus size ladies who have had their self-esteems boosted by viewing my artwork. For some, this might be the first time that positive images of big ladies have been seen. In a few cases, whole lives have been turned around for the better. The constant pressure on ladies (especially young ladies) to be skinny can be very damaging to their self-worth, and cause depression.

The men that I hear from (from all around the world) are amazed to see so much feminine beauty all in one place! A few do ask me to arrange dates with gallery ladies, so I had better state clearly that I am not running a dating agency! I also keep all portrait ladies' details confidential.

Slightly less welcome are requests for free portraits. I doubt if many professional people would do 15 to 20 hours work for free, for any stranger who happened to ask, but artists get such requests regularly.

As for negative feedback? Since starting this gallery in 2001, I've only receive 2. Both were highly abusive, and both were unable to comprehend what the gallery is about (see above!). I can't even offer to explain it in pictures, since it already is! Any really funny abusive feedback may well get an airing on this site to show up their foolishness! :)

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