Free Size-Positive Banners
from the art of

If you wish to produce tags/sigs (or anything else where someone's name is added to my artwork), then go to my "Copyright" page for details.

The BBW promotional banners shown below may be used on your homepage or website on condition that they are used in a context that respects larger women. If you re-size the images smaller, make sure that the "ianardo" text is still legible.

If you wish to modify any of these banners with alternative text, please check with me first by email. Or if you wish, I can change the text for you, so long as it is BBW-friendly (and not likely to offend anyone else).

The first image is an advert for this website, but below it are banners with slogans.

If you are not sure if your planned use for my art is acceptable, I will be happy to discuss it with you by e-mail.

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