Large Ladies'

up to size 24+

List of online shops plus live ebay listings.

* denotes suppliers with clothing up to 28+.
** denotes suppliers with clothing up to 34+.

"Bella Forma" up to 4X.

** "Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore" up to 6X.

Cougars n Kittens Lingerie
Cougars 'n' Kittens Clothing to make you purrrr. Sexy fun and playful lingerie, Baby Dolls & Teddys Corsets & Bustiers Club & Dance Wear and much more. Up to 2X.

Cuddles and Curves Sexy Lingerie Australia, Sizes 6 to 26
Cuddles and Curves Lingerie Australia for regular and plus size lingerie in sizes 6 to 26.

* "DeBras" up to size 30.

"Fantasy Lingerie" up to 3X/4X.

"Heavenly Curves" up to Aus. size 24/26.

"Lingerie Online" up to Aus. size 24.

** "Lisa's Lacies" up to size 40.

** "Oh So Curvy" up to Aus. size 34 (6X). Wholesale orders welcome.

"Plus Size R Us" up to size 3XL.

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