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Ianardo's BBW Art Gallery

Welcome to

Ianardo's Full-Figured Female & Fashion Art Gallery

where beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, featuring portrait artwork by British artist Ian Strange (A.K.A. "Ianardo").

An exhibition of my portraits, hand-drawn using pencil and paper, with plus-size female beauty and fashion as the themes.
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Full-Figured Femininity

Some of the portraits below were paid commissions, some were competition winners and others done in my spare time. A few are former girl-friends.

Most of the fashions in these portraits were dreamed up by the artist.

AmazonAmanda AmazonRaven Arianne Ashley BABS Big And Beautiful Becky Belinda Beth Maxfield Bronwen Bunny Glamazon BuxomDream Cat Celina Cher and Lisa Chia Dawn Perignon Dawn Elise Elizabeth Happy Peach Ivy Doomkitty Isis Jennifer Jimmie Joyce Katie Katja Katrina KittyGirl KountryGirl Lea Gilmore Maureen Mistress Monique MysteryGirl Niki Opal PamelaTx Rosemarie Sharon Shyly Sugar Suzanne TaurusVixn


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